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Educational Certificate Attestation

Educational certificate is also known as academic certificate, which is used to certify that a particular person has received a specified education or passed in an exam or series of exam. The legalization process of educational certificate is known as an educational certificate attestation. Educational certificate is issued by school, universities, educational institutions, and so more, it certify that the student complete successful education from their institution. Educational certificate is a record one person educational qualification. Educational certificate attestation makes your certificate authenticate and valid in the destination country. Attestation provides authenticity to your document. Attestation is issued by a mandatory authority which is situated in your home country. In most countries embassy is the responsible authority of issuing educational attestation. They provide attestation with their official seal or signature. There are different types of educational certificates and it used to prove your qualification.

Educational certificates include

  • Degree certificates attestation (B.tech, BA, BBA etc..)
  • Diploma certificates attestation
  • Post Graduation certificates attestation
  • SSLC certificates attestation

Educational certificate attestation helps the applicant to prove the authenticity of the certificate in the field of applying. Educational certificate includes all information regarding your educational qualification. Educational certificate attestation is required in every field, and it is a garden of opportunities for skilled persons

Some common purposes of educational certificate attestation

  • For job purposes
  • For higher study purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For business purposes

Documents required for Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:

  • Passport copy
  • Bonafide letter
  • Final year mark sheet
  • Consolidate mark sheet

Educational certificates have certain validity and it is based on the issuing country. Educational certificates attestation is a process of legalizing the document. If a person plans to go in a foreign country for job purposes, for that he has to submit an attested educational certificate in the destination country to prove qualification. In the past years, educational certificate attestation reached its own big heights.

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