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Debt collection

Daleel Business Solutions is a company that employs a team of highly experienced debt collection professionals. Their expertise lies in negotiating, settling, and restructuring outstanding debts through amicable means. Daleel offers services all over Qatar, enabling to facilitate debt collection efforts across different regions of the country. The company specializes in a comprehensive range of debt collection services, handling everything from delinquent accounts to written-off debts.


  • We offer a diverse range of recovery and collection services for accounts receivables at various stages, across multiple sectors.
  • We incorporate best practice collection techniques and leverages advanced technology.
  • A majority of our staff is bilingual, representing various nationalities and fluent in regional languages, providing an added competency to achieve collection goals.
  • We are equipped with field collectors and utilize location tracing mobile applications.
  • We collect debt professionally and ethically.
  • The company has a team of experienced staff members, including team leaders with specialized debt collection expertise.

In essence, Daleel differentiates itself through its comprehensive services, advanced methods, multilingual capabilities, field resources with tracking technology, ethical practices, and a seasoned professional team.


Daleel is a licensed and authorized debt collection agency that provides a comprehensive suite of collection services. Our client base spans across multiple industries, including telecommunications companies, banks, commercial and corporate organizations, real estate firms, insurance providers, and more.

Collections for Consumer Accounts

Daleel’s well-established Retail Collection Departments collect debts/dues at all stages, from soft buckets to write-offs, across telecom/banking products – both retail and corporate offerings of banks/financial institutions/telecom companies/commercial enterprises in the region. We pride themselves on collecting with professionalism and dignity.

Business and Commercial Debt Recovery

Daleel provides debt collection services for companies extending credit facilities. A prevalent challenge arises with delinquent and severely overdue accounts nearing charge-off, when collectability plummets, demanding seasoned efforts to prompt payments. Daleel excels in tracing untraceable companies, owners, and businessmen, assuring result-driven, timely performance for swift debt settlements. The corporate recovery process involves feasibility assessment of case histories, analysis of key factors, action planning, strategic recovery patterning, and initiating necessary actions.

Auto Loan

We specialize in locating elusive customers and missing vehicles, ultimately enabling us to either settle outstanding dues or obtain the necessary clearances (NOCs) to repossess the vehicles.

Legal Support and Advisory

We assist our clients by providing access to expert legal advice regarding their cases. Moreover, we can facilitate the filing of civil lawsuits through prominent law firms operating in the State of Qatar.

Locating Debtors Across Borders

When deemed necessary, Daleel undertakes and executes skip tracing efforts to locate debtors who have left Qatar or whose whereabouts are unknown. In such cases, the company leverages its international partnerships and collaborates with external agencies globally to assist in tracing these debtors across borders.

CPV (Customer Place Verifications) Services

Daleel offers Customer Place Verifications (CPV) services to enhance credit operations. Our mobile application supports locating and pinpointing the precise locations of customers. It can capture customer information and transmit it to the back office. The app facilitates maintaining comprehensive customer data electronically, aiding in tracing efforts should any defaults occur.

Field Collectors

  • Complementing its call center operations, Daleel employs a team of professional field collectors based in Qatar.
  • The field collectors specialize in locating and identifying the physical locations of customers.
  • They hand-deliver bills, statements of account, dunning notices, and pre-legal notifications directly to customers.
  • Field collectors conduct in-person meetings and negotiations with customers regarding outstanding payments.
  • They are authorized to collect checks and cash payments directly from customers on-site.
  • Comprehensive field visit reports are generated and provided to clients, updating them on collection progress. Field collector will identify the customer location.

Collection Campaign Management

Daleel’s collection software is designed to execute diverse collection campaigns through various channels. These include SMS messaging, email communications, as well as the automated generation and distribution of dunning letters such as payment reminders, pre-legal notices, and legal notification letters.


How can I initiate debt recovery in Qatar?

The process is straightforward – simply upload your unsettled Qatari invoices onto our platform. Setting up your initial account and case takes no more than a minute. Once you post the unpaid Qatari invoice, the collection procedure against your debtor in Qatar commences immediately. A debt collection expert, well-versed in Qatari debt collection laws and business practices, will start exerting pressure on your debtor within Qatar itself. This expert will communicate with your debtor in their native language, significantly increasing the chances of a successful recovery.

What are the costs involved in using Daleel’s debt collection services in Qatar?

Fees are charged on a no-win-no-fee basis, meaning charges apply only if your claim is successfully retrieved. Our fee is 19.5% of the total recovered amount, leaving you with 80.5% of the recouped sum. If no money is recovered, you owe nothing.

Typically, our debt collection platform, Daleel, requires a membership fee. However, we offer a 30-day free trial period where you can initiate unlimited cases without any upfront costs or risks. Unlike most agencies demanding substantial initial fees just to start a case, our success aligns with yours.

We firmly believe in the shared goal of reclaiming your money, and we only earn when we succeed. Our pricing model reflects this commitment, and we dedicate ourselves to cooperating with all parties towards a mutually beneficial resolution. Please refer to our pricing page for more detailed information.

What debt recovery methods will you take to recover the debt in Qatar?

We aim to persuade your Qatari client to settle the debt amicably during the initial collection phase in Qatar, without escalating to legal action. Our deep understanding of Qatari laws, regulations, and business practices enables this approach. Potential measures include:

  • Credit scoring assessment
  • Initiating communication with the debtor
  • Exerting pressure tactfully
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations
  • Conducting in-person visits
  • Pursuing suitable legal filings if necessary
  • Initiating insolvency proceedings when applicable
  • Enforcing claims through appropriate channels

How does this affect my relationship with customers?

There is no adverse effect. Our debt collection strategy consistently adheres to ethical standards, and we possess proper authorization for debt collection activities within the applicable jurisdiction. Our team of local experts is deeply familiar with Qatari customs and consistently upholds the highest standards of professionalism, thereby safeguarding the optimal maintenance of your customer relationships.

What is the procedure for debt recovery on your platform after initiating a Qatari debt collection case?

The process is as simple as follows:

  1. Begin by uploading your outstanding Qatari invoice onto our web portal.
    1. Our team initiates actions against your Qatari debtor to pursue debt recovery. You can monitor the progress of your case through notifications provided on our platform whenever there are updates.
    1. Upon successful recovery of the debt, we promptly transfer the funds to you.

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What are the chances of Daleel successfully recovering my claim in Qatar?

Based on our track record, we have achieved approximately an 80% success rate in reclaiming claims in Qatar. However, the success rate may vary depending on factors such as the financial status of the debtor, the clarity of payment obligations, and the age of the debt. Typically, initiating debt recovery proceedings sooner increases the likelihood of success.

What is the usual duration of the debt recovery process in Qatar?

Offering a precise timeline is challenging due to the unique nature of each case. Some cases may be resolved swiftly if the debtor simply overlooked the payment, whereas others might necessitate more persuasion and pressure, thus extending the duration. Nonetheless, our dedication lies in expediting the process as much as possible, as our compensation is contingent upon successful recovery. It is in everyone’s best interest to reclaim the full claim expediently. Rest assured that we will exert relentless effort to resolve your case with utmost efficiency.

What documentation does Daleel require to commence the debt collection process in Qatar?

Our main requirement is the outstanding invoice issued by you. Additionally, if there are any supplementary documents like a mutually signed contract or evidence of delivery, feel free to upload those as well. Should there be any other pertinent documentation necessary, our debt collection specialist will request it as needed during the process. Moreover, providing the debtor’s contact information, along with a brief overview of any prior communication with them, if available, would be advantageous.

What legal proceeding can you take if it becomes necessary to legally address the claim in Qatar?

We are fully equipped to undertake any necessary legal actions. For a comprehensive understanding of the legal collection process in Qatar, please refer to the detailed explanation provided below. Essentially, Daleel can assist you in legally recovering undisputed claims through specific simplified legal procedures, as well as handling traditional legal processes for disputed claims. Moreover, we can provide support in enforcing enforcement titles and navigating insolvency procedures.

Do you accept all types of debts?

No, we only offer B2B debt collection, indicating our primary focus on recovering cross-border business debts. If you are dealing with a situation where a Qatari company owes you a debt, our service is precisely tailored to meet your needs.

What benefits does Daleel offer for Debt Collection in Qatar?

Our team’s expertise extends to the subtleties of Qatari business culture and regulations, ensuring a thorough debt collection process. You can stay informed and updated on your debt collection case at any time with our online portal, which offers 24/7 access.

If I have multiple outstanding claims from Qatari debtors to upload, what should I do?

Not to worry. You have multiple options to begin your cases: you can upload them individually, a process that typically takes about a minute per case, or you can opt for bulk upload using an Excel file. Additionally, you can integrate your ERP system with our platform through an API. We recognize that each client has distinct requirements and are committed to addressing them efficiently.

Do you provide debt collection services in nations beyond Qatar?

Absolutely, yes. As an international B2B debt collection service, we have a network of local debt collection specialists worldwide. Count on Daleel for all your international debt collection needs, and we will tirelessly strive to assist you in recouping the owed funds, regardless of the debtor’s whereabouts.

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