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Birth Certificate Attestation

A Birth certificate is a legal recognition of a child as a member of a community, which contains all information regarding a child’s birth, such as name, place, sex, date of birth and parentage of the child. Attestation issued to birth certificate is called birth certificate attestation, it is a branch of non-educational certificate attestation. Attestation is a legal process of verification, in which a mandatory authority of attestation issues attestation with their official seal or signature which put on to the document. In most countries embassy is responsible for issuing attestation. Attestation gives authenticity to your document and which will make your certificate valid and valuable in the destination country. Birth certificate attestation is a necessary procedure in every foreign country. Birth certificate attestation is used to satisfy many needs in abroad.

The Birth certificate attestation required many purposes like

  • For getting a family visa
  • For school admission purposes of children in foreign countries
  • For Employment purposes
  • Higher study purposes
  • Migration purposes, etc.

A birth certificate is a vital record that documents the birth of a child. If a person planning to take an admission from any foreign school for his child, before that, his child’s birth certificate should be attested by that particular country’s embassy or consulate in India. Birth certificate attestation is an integral part of international communication. A Birth certificate is a first identical record of a person. Birth certificate attestation has unlimited validity so it can be used for other needs also. The original birth certificate is necessary for birth certificate attestation. A birth certificate is a non-educational certificate, but it is used in widely educational field and mainly for school admission purposes. Birth certificate attestation includes so many legal procedures, for good attestation the applicant should follow all those steps seriously. The validity of attestation is based on the destination country.

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